What to Wear

Bring at least 2 suit or sport jackets. Simple without patterns is best.

Bring 3 or more pressed plain dress shirts without patterns (one color). Bring your best-fitting shirts with crisp collars and collar stays. We don’t want curled collars! Shirts with more structure are better than floppy shirts.

Bring a couple complementary, simple ties, preferably without bold patterns.

If you want to also try for a different more casual look for your Facebook for example, bring a few simple, nice t-shirts without designs. Bring anything you enjoy wearing!


Please take the time to style your hair.

Do not get a haircut within three days of the headshot session.

Bring every hair styling product and tool you use every day to style your hair.

Come freshly shaven and trimmed, including your nose hairs. Trim any crazy outlier eyebrow hairs, but don’t go nuts.


If you wear glasses and want a headshot with glasses, bring every pair you have.


What to Wear

The fit of your clothing is important. Baggy or excessively tight clothing won’t bring out your best.

Bring 4 or more of your best fitting professional tops/dresses. These shirts and dresses should be solid or at least have a non-distracting pattern. Consider bringing one that matches your eye color. Bringing many options

Bring a few professional jackets if that’s a look you want.


Please take the time to style your hair nicely.

Do not get a haircut within three days of the headshot session.

Bring everything you use to style your hair, including anything you use to tame flyaways.


Please use a light hand with the makeup! In my opinion, natural makeup that simply emphasizes your natural beauty is best.

Eyeliner can be especially distracting in a headshot. I generally prefer no eye liner, but I suggest an especially light application if my clients really want eyeliner.

Bring lipsticks and/or lip glosses. Please bring basic makeup and tools to add, remove, and touch up. Try to avoid makeup with an SPF, which causes more shine.

If you opt for one of my makeup artists, we will handle everything at the headshot session, and you do not need to bring anything related to makeup.


If you wear glasses and want a headshot with glasses, please bring every pair you have.

Simpler jewelry that distracts less from your eyes and amazing expression is best, but bring anything you want to try.


If your teen wears any make-up, make sure it is lightly applied. Too Much foundation or powder will not look good and is impossible to retouch well. Make-up should have a natural, fresh look. It is okay to conceal blemishes, but don’t worry about them too much since they are easily removed during photo retouching. Mascara and eye-liner in browns or black is fine but no heavy liner. No colored eye shadows. Colors should be neutral tones. Lip stick should match natural lip color. Light gloss is preferred. All children and teens should apply some chap stick or lip moisturizer so lips do not look dry.


Hair and Make-up

Headshot Hair and Make-up 

  • Headshot hair and make-up should be kept very natural, using colors that are soft and complimentary to your skin tone.  The makeup should not stand out too much or distract from your eyes and expression
  • Foundation should be kept as natural looking as possible, but have enough coverage to hide imperfections.  Most people will need a medium to full coverage foundation.  However, those with very clear skin, may only need to use concealer
  • Lips should be natural as well, perhaps one shade lighter or darker than your own lip color.  This may depend on the clothing or the look you are going for.  Lip gloss is recommended to keep the lips looking fresh
  • Eye makeup should be given the most attention, using enough eyeshadow and liner (in natural tones) to make your eyes pop
  • Should you decide to hire a professional, below is a list of artists I recommend

Professional Hair and Makeup Artists

  • Make-up and Hair packages ranges from $150-$300.  Contact the MUA directly for current rates.
  • Please send the artist of your choice a recent photo of yourself along with hair and makeup references
  • Payment in the form of cash or credit card, is due on the day of services
  • If you are having your hair and make-up done at the studio we will need to start at 9am.